PDM Sourcings is basically a sourcing company works under Sole Proprietorship of Mr. Sudhir Jain and Mandhir Jain  are managed, handles all the operations with a dedicated team consist of Managers, Salesmen, Quality Engineers & Distributers all over the country under our own brand name  PDM  and  VIBRANT  SAPPHIRE.

PDMSourcings provide following items in following categories :

1. Polycarbonate Sheets ( VIBRANT  SAPPHIRE )

2. PP Sheets

3. Fiber glass sheets

4. Acrylic Sheets

5.. FRP raw material

6. Asbestos Fibre

7. PVC sheets

8. PVC door panels

9. Turbo ventilators

10. D.J. Sheets

11. FRP Domes etc
PDM Sourcings are one of the leading manufactures all range of the fiber glass sheets and offer a large variety of sheets, which match all the profiles of Asbestos, Precoated GI(profile sheet) and Aluminium sheets. Padam Sales and   Padam Fibre Glass is one of the destination point who fill up the requirement of all those customers who want any kind of sheets. This company is hub of the sheets.

We also manufacture coloured and Designer Sheets for Hotels, Club Houses, green houses, Parking Sheds, etc.

We also manufacturer is FRP Sheet Ventilator, FRP Gutters, FRP Ridges.

PDMSourcings provide distinct quality in PP(polypropylene) sheets and PVC sheets.

PDMSourcings provide you Acrylic Sheets and PP door panels also.

PDMSourcings provide you Total ventilation system.

PDM Sourcings provide all the necessary roofing accessories for all the sheets. We develop made to order accessories. We provide a total roofing solution, which includes designing of roofing, supply and installation on site with the most modern fixing methods. Flexibility of design and creativity is used to the fullest when we manufacture FRP sheets in an organsized manner and supplying it directly or through our dealer net work. However, the most important advantage we offer is best after sales service and technical back-up, when ever required. Hence, we call us the only preferred vendor for quality construction.

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