north delhi academy

The institute laid its foundation in 1998 to prepare scholars for challenging course- M.A. (Eco) Entrance and Eco (H) DU; CA, CPT and I.P.C.C under the Guidance of Mr. Vibhas Jha (Phd. Eco), Mr. S.K.Mittal (M.Com FCA) and Mr. K.K. Negi (M. Sc Maths).

We not only established ourselves but became a leader in North Delhi Area in the field. Our Student Vipin Pruthi Came up with 1st Rank in 2000 (CA found.) and Devashish Aggarwal came up with 10th Rank in 2002 (CA CPT) apart from stunning selection rate in MA (Eco) in various colleges / institutions as given below*

Delhi School of Economics

  • 37 qualifications in 2013 (2 in top 10)
  • 41 qualifications in 2012 (4 in top 10)
  • 34 qualifications in 2011 (2 in top 10)
  • More than 25 qualifications every year after 2009.

ISI (in Delhi alone)

  • 11 out of 26 in 2013
  • 7 out of 24 in 2012
  • 6 out of 21 in 2011


  • 18 out of 35 in SSS and 14 in SIS out of 30 in 2013
  • 17 in SSS and 20 in SIS in 2012
  • 20 in SSS and 16 in SIS in 2011
  • 3 Entrance Toppers in last 5 years

More than 25 % qualifications every year in the last 5 Years

More than 25 % qualifications and entrance topper in 2012 and 2011.

We also prepare for Hyderabad, TERI and Madras School of Economics

north delhi academy

Powerful and efficient engines for Audi range

Audi upgrades entry level engines to deliver more power and economy. The two engines that will receive upgrades are 2.0 liter TDI diesel and 2.0 liter TFSI gasoline. The new 2.0 TDI will now produce 150 hp instead of previous 143 hp and maximum torque of 320 Nm between 1,750 – 3000 rpm. Audi has reduced friction with respect to the previous engine and balance shafts are installed on camshaft and needle bearings. The work of the oil pump is also optimized with a two-stage regulation which now has separate cooling circuits of the cylinder block and cylinder head with two different pumps which require the operation of only one phase in the warming. A radiator is integrated into the intake manifold and the exhaust gas re-circulation has been located near the motor to minimize losses.

Audi Q4

In addition to the diesel engine, the new 2.0 liter TFSI produces 225 hp and has reduced consumption and emissions significantly. According to Audi the 2.0 liter TFSI with 6-speed manual transmission in combine cycle will deliver 5.9 l/100 km and Carbon Di-oxide at 138 gm/Km.

Source : Autoworld

Polycarbonate sheets

PDM Sourcings is basically a sourcing company works under Sole Proprietorship of Mr. Sudhir Jain and Mandhir Jain  are managed, handles all the operations with a dedicated team consist of Managers, Salesmen, Quality Engineers & Distributers all over the country under our own brand name  PDM  and  VIBRANT  SAPPHIRE.

PDMSourcings provide following items in following categories :

1. Polycarbonate Sheets ( VIBRANT  SAPPHIRE )

2. PP Sheets

3. Fiber glass sheets

4. Acrylic Sheets

5.. FRP raw material

6. Asbestos Fibre

7. PVC sheets

8. PVC door panels

9. Turbo ventilators

10. D.J. Sheets

11. FRP Domes etc
PDM Sourcings are one of the leading manufactures all range of the fiber glass sheets and offer a large variety of sheets, which match all the profiles of Asbestos, Precoated GI(profile sheet) and Aluminium sheets. Padam Sales and   Padam Fibre Glass is one of the destination point who fill up the requirement of all those customers who want any kind of sheets. This company is hub of the sheets.

We also manufacture coloured and Designer Sheets for Hotels, Club Houses, green houses, Parking Sheds, etc.

We also manufacturer is FRP Sheet Ventilator, FRP Gutters, FRP Ridges.

PDMSourcings provide distinct quality in PP(polypropylene) sheets and PVC sheets.

PDMSourcings provide you Acrylic Sheets and PP door panels also.

PDMSourcings provide you Total ventilation system.

PDM Sourcings provide all the necessary roofing accessories for all the sheets. We develop made to order accessories. We provide a total roofing solution, which includes designing of roofing, supply and installation on site with the most modern fixing methods. Flexibility of design and creativity is used to the fullest when we manufacture FRP sheets in an organsized manner and supplying it directly or through our dealer net work. However, the most important advantage we offer is best after sales service and technical back-up, when ever required. Hence, we call us the only preferred vendor for quality construction.

pc sheets, green house polycarbonate sheet, multiwall sheets, polycarbonate corrugated sheets, polycarbonate roofing sheets

Wireless Presentation System | WePresent

At Latentech, we provide Wireless Presentation System with VGA and HDMI outputs made specially for any Meeting or Conference room. We also provide Wireless HDMI, Wireless VGA and Wireless Audio / Video Transmitter & Receiver for Home & Office use. Our products are simple to use and can be install by any user. Plug n Play devices are usefull in every Meeting / Conference room.

Wireless Laptop to TV is another Home User device which are easy and quick to install.

Watch Movies, Videos, Photos, Pictures on your HDTV Wirelessly from any Laptop.

Wireless HDMI is another product to connect any 3D Blu-ray DVD players / Tatasky HD / Playstation 3 to any LCD TV / Projector, Wireless, without the use of any long HDMI cables. You can place your LCD anywhere in the room and A/V unit can be placed at some distance to make a clean professional installation in minutes.

We recognize the ever-changing technology and are continuously developing and bringing in products to fill in the gaps and be ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation! We design every product with the goal of fulfilling your digital life needs.

Latentech offers Wireless solutions for home and office, that allows users to stream crystal clear HD audio and video content from their laptop / PC / Dvd Player / Blu-Ray Player or any other HD device to any HDTV, Projector or audio surround system – without having to deal with multiple wires, cable-length limitations, and data transmission failure. Latentech has revolutionized the way people enjoy entertainment at home by bringing movies and music from your computer to your living room.

Our Benefits
All of our products are wireless and extremely easy to set-up and use. There is no complex wiring to figure out, no cable clutter to try and hide. Our wireless products are truly  “No cables, No hassles.” With today’s busy lifestyles and consumers demanding more value and control, it’s no wonder that Latentech has become the preferred brand for tech-savvy users in search of the ultimate home entertainment experience.

Our Commitment
When you buy a Latentech product, you are selecting a brand that is dedicated to meeting your needs and providing you with superior products, superior service and most of all, easiness and excitement!
Latentech continues to bring new product categories that change people’s perceptions of technology.

Technology is no longer cold and unreachable. 

“Latentech” is a brand owned by SMART PRODUCTS INDIA
visit website at for all products list

At Latentech, we provide WePresent, WePresent WiPG-1000, WiPG-1000, WPS Dongle 2 . We also provide Wireless VGA, Wireless Presentation for Home & Office use.
Wireless HDMI is another product to connect any 3D Blu-ray DVD players / Tatasky HD / Playstation 3 to any LCD TV / Wireless Projector without the use of any long HDMI cables.
At Latentech, we provide WePresent, WePresent WiPG-1000, WiPG-1000, WPS Dongle 2 . We also provide Wireless VGA, Wireless Presentation for Home & Office use.Wireless HDMI is another product to connect any 3D Blu-ray DVD players / Tatasky HD / Playstation 3 to any LCD TV / Wireless Projector without the use of any long HDMI cables.

What Makes SEO and PPC an Inevitable Part of Online Marketing?

With a tight competition all over the globe, lack of proper business strategies is only likely to affect your online business. Every online business is striving hard to reach the ends of its clients for it to attain success. It is the Internet which is one of the best ways to reach out to the target audience. Be it a small or large scale business, each one is trying to make the best possible use of the Internet to make them stand out. Studies reveal that business persons who have made appropriate use of the internet marketing tools have been more successful in reaching their targeted customers than the rest.

Important Online Marketing Tools

The internet is not just a tool used by the professionals of the SEO firm. Instead it acts as an interface for these professionals to communicate with their target audience. Some of the popular tools used in the e-commerce industry include Search Engine Optimisation, popularly referred to as SEO, SMO or Social Media Optimisation, web hosting and E-mail marketing. Each one of these methods has its own pros and cons. The type of tool that will be used to promote products and services will totally depend on the person involved with the task.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is one of the most effective means used for the promotion of products / services. A large number of businesses have been able to thrive only with the help of SEO. The strength of SEO is generally realised when it is applied along with other internet marketing tools such as website hosting. Together these two can act as a very powerful tool. The question may be how does it work? It actually starts with the creation of a website. After a website has been designed, it would require a domain that will host it. Remember a newly built website will not be launched unless it has been hosted by a domain. It is only after this has been achieved that SEO experts can start working on it. It is during this stage that the promotional web content will be incorporated in the website. By making a careful use of SEO, it will be possible to promote the website in the search engines. It is with the help of this particular technique that many business people have been able to produce the much desired results.

Pay Per Click

Apart from SEO, another effective tool employed by professionals in the online marketing industry is PPC or Pay per Click. However, unlike SEO, PPC is a mechanism that requires owners to make payments. At present, PPC has become one of the most successful forms of advertisement. Now you may wonder what it is that makes PPC so popular is. This mechanism capitalises on the strength of advertisement on the other well established websites. The owner of the online business will be required to make payment for an advertising space on a specific website. The site where you will put up your advertisement will be known as your publisher or host. In case the website is visited by a large number of viewers, there will be high chances for your site to receive a good share of the publisher’s traffic. In today’s world, PPC has become an extremely useful way to do online marketing. Experts opine that this particular mechanism will continue to be a well-known feature of e-commerce.

It has to be noted that the primary aim of both SEO and PPC is to generate traffic to the website for the more people view the pages of your site, chances of the services and products receiving a warm response by the target audience will be higher.

Shannen is a content writer working in a reputed SEO firm. She specialises in writing articles on e-commerce. In her free time, Carla enjoys various types of indoor games.

Websites with pagerank 10 or 9

On the web, pages that are more important receive a higher pagerank by Google search engine and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results. We collect here websites whose homepages have the bestpagerank.

Websites with pagerank 10

Currently, we found 14 homepages having the perfect pagerank (10/10).

Website Alexa Rank PageRank 8 10 136 10 2,361 10 11,171 10 37,662 10 54,474 10 296,510 10 318,185 10 454,797 10 494,254 10 495,767 10 532,184 10 774,517 10 1,211,535 10

Websites with pagerank 9

We found 280 homepages having pagerank 9.

Website Alexa Rank PageRank unrank 9 unrank 9 unrank 9 unrank 9 1 9 2 9 3 9 4 9 4 9 5 9 6 9 6 9 7 9 10 9 11 9 13 9 20 9 40 9 47 9 48 9 56 9 65 9 70 9 72 9 105 9 109 9 109 9 114 9 135 9 138 9 185 9 190 9 229 9 232 9 260 9 280 9 283 9 394 9 405 9 413 9 419 9 545 9 551 9 607 9 650 9 926 9 945 9 948 9 986 9 1,005 9 1,014 9 1,025 9 1,031 9 1,303 9 1,312 9 1,389 9 1,546 9 1,624 9 1,797 9 1,998 9 2,156 9 2,187 9 2,429 9 2,814 9 2,924 9 3,056 9 3,204 9 3,216 9 3,394 9 3,484 9 3,591 9 3,688 9 4,174 9 4,244 9 4,503 9 4,803 9 5,412 9 5,582 9 5,641 9 5,741 9 5,920 9 5,994 9 6,166 9 6,215 9 6,244 9 6,251 9 6,330 9 6,532 9 6,547 9 6,750 9 6,877 9 6,902 9 7,233 9 7,537 9 7,856 9 7,993 9 8,062 9 8,094 9 8,182 9 8,275 9 8,341 9 8,563 9 8,778 9 9,448 9 9,575 9 10,086 9 10,529 9 10,815 9 11,002 9 11,125 9 11,539 9 11,591 9 11,692 9 11,732 9 11,860 9 11,950 9 12,148 9 12,393 9 12,464 9 12,965 9 14,220 9 14,771 9 14,828 9 16,011 9 16,708 9 17,707 9 18,170 9 18,256 9 18,377 9 18,571 9 19,156 9 19,649 9 19,821 9 20,006 9 20,238 9 21,000 9 21,184 9 21,312 9 21,802 9 22,063 9 22,148 9 22,231 9 22,343 9 23,390 9 23,611 9 24,499 9 24,563 9 24,590 9 24,828 9 25,541 9 26,594 9 26,885 9 27,053 9 30,677 9 31,243 9 31,423 9 31,709 9 32,158 9 32,820 9 33,613 9 33,771 9 34,358 9 35,070 9 38,604 9 38,912 9 42,224 9 43,105 9 44,116 9 44,888 9 47,246 9 48,148 9 51,065 9 52,490 9 52,823 9 53,544 9 55,713

Chugger enterprises

Chugger Enterprises was founded in 1970 to manufacture air compressor parts to Indian Market. Promoter of this company are having vast experience in this industry for more than forty decades. Chugger Enterprises leads the industry with uncomprising of quality air compressor parts & other related products which normally exceeds the expectation of customers. Our inventory of manufacturing industrial air compressor parts includes safety valves, unloaders, valves, jack hammer, pistons, piston rings, flexible pipes, steel tankies, top block, booster sets, thrust washer, for various industrial applications.

Chugger enterprises manufacturing industrial air compressor parts includes safety valves, unloaders, valves, jack hammer, pistons, piston rings, flexible pipes, steel tankies, top block, booster sets, thrust washer, for various industrial applications.Chugger Enterprises always believes in supplying quality products as per international standards. The production and analytical facilities of Chugger Enterprises are comparable with any international speciality air compressor parts manufacturer.
Late. Sardar Swarna Singh
We are not just reliable quality air compressor products suppliers, but also business partners of our customers to meet and understand their requirements and exceed their expectations. Today Chugger Enterprises has 40 years experience in supplying air compressor parts to various industry segments. Chugger Enterprises has achieved prominent position in Indian air compressor Market through its extensive industry experience, continual improvements, integrity and professionalism. Chugger Enterprises today are one of the leading manufacturer and distributor for all tyes of air compressor parts.

We deal in a wide assortment of air compressor parts that are meeting the requirements of diverse industrial applications. Our comprehensive range comprises of speciality in air compressor parts like safety valves, unloaders, valves, jack hammer, pistons, piston rings, flexible pipes, steel tankies, top block, booster sets, thrust washer and many more.

Our air compressor parts adheres to the strringent industrial standards, and our manufacturing processes follow all of the latest technology. Chugger Enterprises helps companies compete in today’s continuously changing marketplace and regulatory environment, with products and services designed to save our customers time and money Moreover, to enhance the expediency and profit of our clients, we also help them in selecting the right air compressor part with best quality and related equipment, in exactitude with their applications.

We offer special air compressor parts in different grades and ranges like Grade I & Grade II. Our highly skilled professionals are constantly monitoring the process to ensure right delivery of product to the customers.

We have shown tremendous growth potential as a result of maintaining international standards and delivering high quality products at low cost. We specially look forward to cater to our domestic and global clients. We invite queries of our valued Indian buyers for further clarification.

We have developed true depth and breadth of engineering skills and processes. These skills have been refined through recent experience in designing cost-effective systems, using state-of-the-art technology and all this with increased service strength. The practical innovations without the constraints typically found in a development environment have allowed us to deliver low-cost and rapid solutions. We are fully equipped to fulfill all sizes of orders, in a reasonable period and made to exact specifications. Special attention is paid to incorporating all the details mentioned by the client so that the product is completely error free and suits the needs of the customers perfectly.

As Chugger Enterprises is quality conscious company and delivers only quintessential products, it has been receiving positive feedbacks from its time-honored customers. We, at Chugger Enterprises, also supply our products as per the customers’ specific demands. We endeavor to develop a never-ending relationship with our prestigious clients. Last but not the least; our elementary aim is to provide you utmost satisfaction to our esteemed clients.
Contact Person: gagan chugg
Mobile No.: 9810010293
Phone: 01165958202
Address: A-26 K, Gali no. 4, Anand Parbat Industrial Area, Delhi-110005
Area: anand parbat
City: Delhi
ZIP: 110005
State: Delhi
Country: India

Batman bat pod

The Dark Knight Rises

The dark knight rises lives to its expectation and had become a cult triology better than Lord of the ring in my opinion. I went to watch this movie for two reasons. Firstly, i simply loved the two parts(Batman begins and The dark knight) before and Secondly to watch batman vehicles.

The dark knight rises had introduced a new batplane along with batmobile and batpod. Batman now rides,drives and fly his toys. Any youth would love to have combination of three with utmost desire. The Batmobile 4.57 meters in length, 2.84 meters in width and does 0-60 mph in 5.6 s. It is powered by GM 5.7 liter V8 developing nearly 500 hp. It stands on wide 44 inches tires. Batpod is a part of Batmobile formed by front wheels and struts of the batmobile. The vehicles displayed in all three parts including the final installment can be termed as nearly perfect as they add more style to Batman dark superhero image.

This movie along with its story and vehicles are just awesome. I highly recommend it for movie fans and car, bike and plane lovers. Kudos to Christopher Nolan, Christian Bale, Tom Hardy and vehicle design team.

2013 Skoda rapid

Skoda Rapid

A few months ago Skoda had launched Rapid in India based on Volkswagen Vento which was derived from Volkswagen Polo. Skoda now had officially introduced the new Rapid sedan for the European market.

Skoda Rapid is the new corporate identity with original grille and hood. Overall Lenght of Rapid is 4.48 meters, Width 1.7 meters and height 1.46 meters. Rapid can seat five comfortably and also has an enormous trunk volume of 550 liters.

Skoda Rapid will be equipped with 1.2 and 1.4 liter engine with different power delivery modes. The 1.2 liter MPI engine produce 75 hp, and 1.2 liter TSI produces 86 and 105 hp. Top of the gasoline power engine will 1.4 liter TSI with 122 horses. Skoda will also offer 1.6 liter diesel engine for Rapid producing 90 and 105 hp. Both diesel engine will be mated with
seven speed DSG gearbox along with dual cluth transmission.

The autoworld premiere of Skoda Rapid will take place at the 2012 Paris Motor Show in September. The Czech automaker has produced Rapid sedan to fill gap between Fabia and Octavia.

Winners of ‘Zee Cine Awards 2012′

Best Film (Jury)
The Dirty Picture

Best Actor (Jury)
Shah Rukh Khan – Don 2

Best Actress (Jury)
Vidya Balan – The Dirty Picture

Best Director
Imtiaz Ali – Rockstar

Best Actor (Popular)
Ranbir Kapoor – Rockstar

Best Actress (Popular)
Vidya Balan – The Dirty Picture

Best Action Film

Best Debut Female
Parineeti Chopra – Ladies V/S Ricky Bahl

Best Debut Male
Rana Daggubati – Dum Maaro Dum

Best Story
Zoya Akhtar & Reema Kagti – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Best Debut Director
Siddique – Bodyguard

Best use of Media

Song of the Year
Chammak Challo – Ra.One

Lifetime Achievement Award

Best Choreography
Ooh La La – The Dirty Picture

Best Lyrics
Irshad Kamil – Rockstar

Best Song
Ishq Sufiana – The Dirty Picture

Best Singer (Female)
Shreya Ghoshal – Saibo (Shor In The City)

Best Singer (Male)
Mohit Chauhan – Jo bhi main (Rockstar)

International Icon Female
Katrina Kaif

International Icon Male
Farhan Akthar

Best Music
AR Rahman

Best Marketed Film

Best Supporting Actor
Farhan Akhtar – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Best Supporting Actress
Swara Bhaskar – Tanu Weds Manu

Best Sound Design
Resul Pookutty – Ra.One

Best Actor in a Negative Role
Prakash Raj – Singham

Best Cinematography
Carlos Catalan – Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

Best Editing
Aarti Bajaj – Rockstar

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